Maleibna Playgrounds Rental

Malaeibna is a padel playground facility initiated in Ras Al Khaimah & Khor Fakkan to welcome the padel players of these areas, contributing to the purpose of spreading the padel sport culture and familiarizing it in the UAE.

Malaeibna Services
Each of Malaeibna facilities will include

  • Padel courts available for booking
  • A padel academy for coaching experienced and new padel players.
  • A speciality coffee shop offering healthy food and drinks

All of the indoor and outdoor padel courts constructed by Malaeibna are built according to the international criteria and court size standards. Also, all courts are fully equipped with all padel matches requirements and accessories.

The padel academies of Malaeibna conduct professional training courses and sessions that run under the supervision of highly-skilled expert coaches.

Maleibna Playgrounds Rental

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